The Best Industrial Strength Tobacco Smoking Accessory. Light it, Hit it, Love it.

Built Smart

Versatility is key. gnoB Socket features a dual-bowl design that fits most standard plastic bottles. It’s also discreet and portable — perfect for life on the go.

Built Strong

gnoB Socket is yours for life. Constructed of 100% American-made stainless steel, it’s virtually indestructible.

Built Safe

Show some love to your lungs! gnoB Socket is made of premium material that won’t off gas harmful particles or get hot when lit.

How Does It Work? You mean you actually studied in college? Okay, here’s what they
didn’t teach you...

Prep & Plug

Safely puncture a small hole near the bottom of an empty bottle. Cover the hole with your finger or a piece of tape, fill with water and place your packed gnoB Socket on top.

Light & Drain

As you release your finger or piece of tape, light the supply in your gnoB Socket. As the water drains, the bottle will fill with smoke. Keep it lit for best results.

Inhale & Enjoy

Remove the gnoB Socket (don’t worry, it won’t be hot) and inhale directly from the bottle top. Take as much or as little as you want. Relax and enjoy the very good vibes.

The On-The-Go Gravity Cap Anytime. Anywhere.

gnoB Socket is the perfect companion for today’s busy lifestyle. No pipes, rolling papers, water buckets, hoses, tubes, apples (yeah, we know…) or other weird contraptions needed. It’s the lifehack for your lifehacks.

To maximize versatility (i.e. to make your life easier) gnoB Socket’s dual-bowl design fits onto standard 12-oz, 16-oz, and 2-liter plastic bottles. For portability, we’ve added a keyring to prevent it from falling out of your pocket or getting lost. gnoB Socket’s discrete profile allows you the freedom to relax, kick back, and indulge after a long day. Or before one.

New! Introducing The Single Socket. Industrial. Indestructible. Ingenious.

Unlike other products made of more “sensitive” steel, Single Socket is made of 303/4 American-made stainless steel construction means super high quality. And we mean suuuper high. While you couldn’t crush it with a Mack Truck, it won’t break your bank either. This waterfall/gravity hex cap is small but dense to minimize heat transfer, so your dainty digits won’t burn when you touch it.

Worried about what others will think? Don’t. Single Socket’s low-profile design lets you relax discretely. So get ready to kick back and indulge after a long day. Or before one. We’re not judging.

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